Lead Enrichment: find B2B contacts and companies from your lists

Email finder
Additional tools and features

Additional tools and features

Email Finder

Find anyone's email by name, company name or domain URL. The best part: unlimited search.

Lead Enrichment

Enrich your email or company list with trusted business data.


Find new companies and profils matching your ideal prospect.

LinkedIn Integration

Build list and generate emails directly from LinkedIn thanks to our chrome extension.

Chatbot Email Capture

Start collecting automatically emails from your website by integrating our chatbot.

Send Email Inbox

Send email sequences or newsletters on a single click. Track email performance and generate new deals.

Bulk Import

Import your .CSV file directly. Hassle Free.

API Integration

Get rid of fake emails. Plug our API in your website's forms to get business email and lead enrichment.

2,176 companies trust us 2,176 companies trust us

2,176 companies trust us

This is how fast growing companies generate more leads and revenue.


The Rocket helped me find 20,000 high qualified leads with a 66% opening rate. The only drawback: I had to hire more sales 🙂

Ryan Dell
Co-founder of Growth Hackademy
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